The Beauty of the Mundane

Johannes Vermeer, an artist who most will know of his work through the popularity of a very small number of his works. "The Girl with the Pearl Earring" (c. 1665) or the "The Milkmaid" (c. 1660) are often cited as the pinnacle of Northern European renaissance painting; with their mastery of light and mood.

In the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, there are a great many impressive works of art; ranging from the medieval to the modern. Some, like Rembrandt's "The Night Watch" (1642) are of a scale that makes an impression both in size and mastery of technique. Others, like Gerrit Rietveld's early prototype for the "Zig Zag Chair" (1934) are special because it reveals (in its exposed screws and joints) the underlying thinking behind an iconic piece of modern furniture.

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