Design Process in Architecture

“This book is essential to the library of those working in architectural education and a sound addition to first year reading lists…. if you need something to introduce the activity of architectural design to an aspiring or first year architecture student, I can think of no better book.”

Professor Alex Wright, University of Bath writing in RIBA Journal

“A useful primer for the novice and optimistic reminder for the world-weary professional”

Three Books, RIBA Journal

“Makstutis covers every aspect of the design process but does it in a way that is cognizant of these inherent variations; the latter is covered through many miniature case studies: two-page spreads that explain the approach in a single building.”

A Daily Dose of Architecture Books

What is the design process? How do we understand our process or that of other architects and designers? What are the different approaches to design? How does a design process change through the course of a project?

Architects spend a great deal of their time involved in designing. From initial ideas to finished buildings, design takes place throughout the project cycle. As professionals, we may take it for granted that design and the process of design are easily understood. However, as a student this may not be the case.

Design is a complex process, and there is no single approach to design. Exploring how different architects approach design problems and consider the way in which they develop their ideas, this book aims to give a clear overview of the design process for those at the start of their studies or just interested in architectural design..

Released in September 2018. The book will is available in English (US and UK versions), Spanish.

The Chinese translation was released in 2022.

Available from Laurence King Publishers.

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