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COBie Online

In 2013/14, I was commissioned by the BRE to develop a prototype system for managing COBie data online.

The UK Government has mandated that all projects, receiving public funding, must use BIM (Building Information Modelling); with COBie being the basic format in which BIM data can be delivered. However, COBie is typically stored as static spreadsheets; making it difficult to update, manage and query.

Built on top of an open-source web framework (Drupal), I developed a range of custom modules to support the import, storage and export of COBie data.

This ‘proof-of-concept’ system, will allow architects, developers, facilities managers and related professions the ability to more easily store, update and query this information. A set of standard import/export API’s (application programming interfaces) are available to allow third-party developers to leverage the system and connect with existing CAD/BIM software.